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The Byrnes Team is a group of dynamic professionals, now led by Claudia Byrnes.  Claudia, who along with her late brother Jim Byrnes, accomplished more in the last 10 years than many professional Realtors do in decades.  The Byrnes Team has received numerous national rankings and recognition and with over $100 million in closed transactions to date, The Byrnes Team has proven its unparalleled commitment to their clients.  NO ONE is more committed to making your real estate needs happen than The Byrnes Team.


The Byrnes Team legacy began with Jim and Claudia’s parents developing a very high work ethic in their three children, Jim, Claudia, and brother Mike.  “They taught us a great respect for work and for always doing our best,” says Claudia Byrnes, “and those ideals have always been part of our core values.”


The Byrnes family has a tradition of establishing relationships in the Bay Area and it is that community presence that directly benefits Byrnes Team clients as it enables them to use their extensive network to reach potential buyers or sellers.  Other Byrnes in the area include ex-Oakland A’s MLB player, Eric, Jim’s son, who is currently an MLB commentator and Shea, the Marketing Director for Autodesk. “It has always been who you know in real estate sales, and Jim was a master at communication and relationship building. This is a tradition I am proud to honor and carry on,” says Claudia Byrnes


In addition to an outstanding work ethic, Claudia Byrnes of the Byrnes Team offers exceptional and thorough service throughout your real estate transaction.  Her expertise in the local market and her keen attention to detail is unparalleled.  “I have always been a bit of a ‘detail freak’ and have often seen what others might miss—it serves my clients well as nothing falls through the cracks when you are working with me.  I am relentless in making sure my client’s needs are taken care of, that all parties are informed, and you receive my personal attention as much as possible.”




Being involved in so many transactions has given Claudia a unique ability to see the big picture when it comes to real estate.  “Our local market is ever-changing and it requires constant vigilance to stay up-to-date,“ says Claudia, “something I continually monitor to be informed of the latest news so we can respond quickly if necessary.”  Whether it’s preparing your home for sale, or negotiating for the absolute best value –looking at the big picture is imperative.



Apart from the national recognition from industry peers and consistent top rankings over the years, testimonials from our happy clients is all the recognition we need!  The secret to The Byrnes Team success is due in part to The Byrnes Team’s exceptional listing exposure and marketing, and the greatest honor we can receive is the praise we get from our satisfied clients and their families. Please click here to read some of our testimonials.